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Why buy from Contractors Choice Steambath and Sauna ?  It’s simple really. We are the best and most knowledgeable in our field. We have logged thousands of hours on installation and repair of all of the upper name brand steambaths and saunas. On top of that, Steamist, Steamaster, Saunatec and Helo have allowed us to offer their equipment packages at 25% off their list price or more.  Steamist comes with a full factory warranty 2 year parts and labor and Lifetime parts, not a partial warranty due to it being overstock in someones warehouse. We have a toll free number and are available from 8AM - 8PM Monday through Friday as well as some Saturdays for all of our customers needs. We have the best product and the reason that we know it is because we have fixed so many different manufacturers equipment. The one's that beak down the least and can be repaired in an efficient manner, at less cost,  is in our opinion Steamist, Steamaster Saunatec and Helo products. We have the best customer service that you can get. If you installed it and have any problem or questions, we will walk you through it. The competition just sells and hides. We want your business for a lifetime.  


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