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Health & Safety

Precautionary Warning Prior to Operation of the Steamist Generator

  1. If you are pregnant, elderly, have a heart condition, suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes, or are in poor health, do not use this device unless otherwise directed by your physician. If you have any other condition that requires the use of medication or drugs, it is also necessary to check with your doctor before steambathing.
  2. Do not use steambath while under the influence of alcohol as this can be hazardous to your health.
  3. Immediately exit the steamroom if you are feeling dizzy, faint, starting to fall asleep, or are otherwise uncomfortable.
  4. Beware of the flooring or other surfaces in the steamroom that may become slippery and therefore dangerous due to a build-up of condensation or moisture. Install non-skid floor materials or use proper footwear at all times to prevent serious accidents.
  5. Avoid direct contact with the steam coming out of the steam head or with the steam head itself as this could cause severe burns or physical injury.
  6. Do not use aromatherapy oils without first checking to see whether you are allergic to essential oils. The oil reservoir should not be filled while the steam unit is in operation as this could cause serious injury.
  7. Children under the age of 16 should not use the steambath without adult supervision.


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