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 Q.        Are there any health hazards or restrictions for steambathing or saunas?


A.        Yes, Most doctors agree that steambathing and saunas are generally healthy.

            However, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, pregnant women, the

elderly, diabetes, lung disease, etc. should first consult their physician. Never use a steambath or sauna while under the influence of alcohol, heavy prescription medication or other intoxicating substances.



Q.        Is a Steambath or Sauna better for you?


A.        It depends completely on your preference and level of comfort. Steam produces

Wet Heat,( generally between 110 and 125 degrees Fahrenheit). A Sauna produces Dry Heat, (generally between 165 and 180 Fahrenheit or more).




Q.        Can I convert my existing shower or tub to a steambath and will my shower or tub require any modifications?


A.        It may be converted, but always make sure that you ask for the advice of qualified contractors or professionals that have good mechanical, plumbing and electrical

            experience before following through with your plans.



Q.        Is the unit easy to operate?


A.        Absolutely Simplistic. Because the controller is located in your steambath, you can adjust temperature, time, and on and off at the touch of a button. Because it is low voltage, you have no worry of electrical hazards.



Q.        I have extremely hard water, will it cause a problem?


A.        Hard water can be a nuisance. However, by installing a small water treatment system such as a water softener, not only will your steamiest product last longer, so will your plumbing fixtures and faucets throughout the house.



Q.        Can I use essential oils or aroma therapy products in my steamshower or steambath?


A.        Absolutely The steam head has a small recessed area on the top of it for just

            that purpose. Attention: Never apply oils or therapy products to the steam head

            while steam is coming out of it. You can be burned severely.



Q.        Do I need and exhaust fan in the steamroom?


A.        As a matter of fact, we do not suggest it. If you simply turn on the shower head with hot or cold water, the steam will condense and go down the drain.



Q.        Does the steamshower or steam bath unit require daily or weekly maintainance?


A.        No, it comes with a 2 year warranty on labor and a 5 year Warranty on Parts.

            If you are in an area that is isolated, simply ship it and the manufacturer will

            make any repairs necessary under warranty and ship it back to you. It’s that simple.



 Q.       I have really bad water. Is it still covered under warranty?


A.        With Steamist and Steamaster Products it is. Steamist and Steamaster are the ONLY manufacturer who will not dodge their warranty and blame it on your water. They have the best customer service in the business.


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