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Far Infra-Red or Taditional Sauna
Which is Best ?

For those individuals that want to enjoy the luxury of a “dry heat” sauna in the privacy of their own home, our sauna products can’t be beat. Contratractor’s Choice Steambath and Sauna products include high quality sauna heaters andbeautiful Western Red Cedar rooms and accessories.

Relieve muscle fatigue and alleviate your stress level by relaxing in your own personal sauna built to the same specifications you will find in high class hotels and health facilities. All at a great discount and the best customer service you can get.






There are companies that make outlandish claims about Far Infra-Red Saunas. We do not regurgitate information on this site. We are here to help inform our clients. Here are the facts. Far Infra-Red Saunas are not better than Traditional Saunas. They do have advantages for different individuals. Many individuals are adversly affected by high heat due to medical conditions. They tolerate 150 degrees much better than 160 - 190 degrees. This is what the Far Infra-Red sauna provides. Because the emitters are within close proximity to the body, it takes less time to raise the bodies core temperature and thus makes some individuals more comfortable. Traditional Saunas have rocks on which you can pour small amounts of water adding options to the Sauna Experience. You can add Eucalyptus or other essential oils to the water, but make sure that the oils are pure medical or food grade to insure that no additives are in the oils.

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